Man enjoying spin art Atlanta

It’s a rare place where the whole family can enjoy regardless of age!

Spin Art Atlanta located next door from Axe Master Throwing.. Perhaps you’ve heard about the newest trend of “spin art” in Sugar Hill? Our Studio allows you to express your creativity in a relaxed, fun and friendly environment while you record your progress on your phone utilizing our professional lighting equipment.

You may be wondering how Spin Art Atlanta differs from your ordinary “Paint & Sip” shops. Many of these places serve wine or other alcohol, which prevents anyone from under the age of 21 from participating. We welcome everyone!

girl enjoying spin art atlanta

We have special workshops just for kids, as well as painting classes for adults, making our events one of the best family friendly experiences for people looking for things to do in Sugar Hill and surrounding areas.

At Spin Art Atlanta, we understand that when you’re free to express yourself artistically, you can create wonderful, magical and beautiful things. Spin art has a comforting, warm and cozy sensation as well as a calm and relaxing flavor to the process.

painting with a twistEven if you’ve done “painting with a twist” events in the past, you’ve never done one like this!

Our spin art painting studio in Sugar Hill is designed to be accommodating, relaxing, comfortable and tranquil. From the moment you step into one of our spin art workshop rooms, you’ll be warmly welcomed by your teacher, who will walk you step by step through the process of creating your desired spin art. Be amazed as your work comes to life before your eyes!

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