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Paranoia Quest – Escape the Room — is a parallel world. A world that gives you an opportunity for new and unique experiences, a chance to test yourself in a radically new and exciting setting.

We are proud to be the first Room Escape in Atlanta to create a fully immersive experience with high-end movie set quality decorations, custom background music and sounds, and a unique story line you have to follow in order to complete your mission. All of it together makes our room escape quests unforgettable one of the kind experience.

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Imagine you are assigned with a task to solve the Puzzle, and you only have 60 minutes to do it. The clues are in front of you, but you have to work them out and put them together. Time is ticking and your heart is beating.Your teammates are racking their brains to put the pieces together. Before you even realize it, you are down to 10 minutes remaining. Just then, it happens. The light bulb goes off and you solve the last clue.  Phew!  You’re free. Okay, you would’ve been able to leave the room anyway, but you get to leave it with a sense of accomplishment.