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TeamThink Can Mean Team Success

GroupThink a Term Not Used in Civilized Public
GroupThink spelled disaster for many companies of the 1970s. A term coined to explain the thought process of many corporate boardrooms; teamthink_groupthink_mrmomGroupThink actually was better termed “manager bullying”. Faced with an idea proposed by the highest ranking executive at the conference table, a group mentality often took over where everyone agreed (mostly out of fear of losing one’s job) with the boss whether the idea proposed was good or many times…bad. Even worse, if you were the creative, out-of-the-box thinker of the group you quickly found yourself shunned. Being the individual, out spoken group member could quickly get you labeled as “the trouble maker” or accused of “rocking the boat”.

But as times have changed both in society and the corporate world, so has the approach to business solutions. Team Building has become the rallying cry across many boardrooms with leaders not just embracing, but harnessing the individual, creative thinkers.

TeamThink, brings together the good part of GroupThink, the relationship building effort, to create a team where all ideas are welcome. TeamThink, a crucial part of team building, values each person’s opinion seeing that solutions can come from any source, possibly several sources, to reach the ultimate goal in a company project. But the challenge is how to maneuver past the dangerous pitfalls of GroupThink to encourage a team to function in the TeamThink mindset. To learn more about how a leader can build a TeamThink initiative Read More…

Team Building – Corporate Events Inspire Team Thinkteamthink_corporate events

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