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“Can I book an Escape Room on Groupon? Do you have a Groupon for a Paranoia Quest Escape Games?

We do get asked from time to time if we participate in Groupon, Social Living, or other daily deal sites. Groupon is part of our current marketing plan only for our Virtual Reality Escape rooms, It’s part of our goal to make people aware about what Escape room concept is.

In a mean time it’s not a part of our real escape rooms marketing and we don’t anticipate it in the future.

Our goal is to provide an extraordinary entertainment experience that is unsurpassed in the Atlanta and Buford, GA community. Providing a top notch escape room experience is what drives our passion. We understand the appeal of discount programs like Groupon. Our goal is to provide a family entertainment attraction that exceeds all expectations and is the ultimate in value. Our staff is dedicated to you and ensuring that you have an incredible time in our escape games. 

Do you have Birthday Party Discounts for Escape Room Experiences?

Fun birthday party in Buford

Absolutely! We love birthdays and we offer different birthday packages and discounts on all Escape Games, every day. Visit our birthday packages page

Do you offer a
ny Corporate group or team building discounts?

Fun corporate event Sugar Hill

Fun corporate event Sugar Hill

Corporate events is our specialty. We offer not only fun team building experience, but also professional team development sessions called DEBRIEFING.

For different group sizes we have different discounts. See details for our team building packages

Do You Offer Any Other Promotions or Discounts?

From time-to-time we do offer specials and discounts on our Escape the Room Games. We will promote those offers on all of our various social media channels.

If you would like: follow us on facebook

Instagram: @paranoia_quest

If you would like to receive direct notification when we are running these specials and discounts we do have an email list. 

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